How to build an online business fast

Today, we're in a world of instant gratification and the ‘drive thro' lifestyle.  One of those ubiquitous questions many people ask is what's “the fastest way to build an online business?”

So I thought I'd answer this question in this blog post looking at three main key areas, namely –

  1. Mindset
  2. Branding
  3. Strategy

Mindset – The Fastest Way to Build an Online Business

Everyone talks about mindset, yet very few people actually understand the psychology of success and real emotional intelligence.

I have found in my own experience that both the martial arts and online business entrepreneurship attracts it's own version of delusional, yet willing participants. Seemingly both martial arts and online marketing are often misinterpreted as they don't become tangible until some level of understanding has been achieved. Without the right guidance people often sail way off course on their path to success.

Therefore, the fastest way to build an online business is to understand that you need to learn the skills and put them into action.

To achieve this successfully, you need a coach to learn from, someone who is where you want to be. I fully understand you may want to go it alone and find things out for yourself, you're still in the delusional zone of denial, and to be honest life is too short for that.

Learning the skills by yourself is fine if your success path or business plan is 10 years. In this article I'm talking about the fastest way to build an online business, so a coach is essential.

The second thing to understand is success comes from leveraging proven systems, not doing everything yourself. Many people that transcend from employee to entrepreneur often find this difficult to understand.

Leveraging other peoples time contacts and experience means that you build your business effectively and quickly.


Build an Online Business with Branding

The big mistake people often make when building an online business, is they brand their company and/or their products.

Now this makes sense for a global brand such as Coca Cola or Red Bull, but if you're an affiliate, network and Internet marketer, you need to brand you. You brand yourself an an authority by building trust and loyalty, giving people information to help them achieve their goals.

If you brand your company and they go out of business, then you are out of business.


The Strategy to Build an Online Business Fast

Right now, there are so many strategies to choose from online and different methods you can implement. But if you want the fastest way to build an online business, you need to learn about paid advertising.

Think about it. You set up a window cleaning business and you want customers, so you get some leaflets printed and have them delivered. You place an ad in the local paper, sit by the phone and people call you to hire your services.

It's not rocket science…

What you would never do for your fledgling window cleaning round is set up a website, write a bunch of articles on how to best clean your windows and implement SEO to attract clients to you.

Yes SEO is effective, and yes I teach and implement SEO, but it's not the fastest way to build an online business. Paid advertising is, and Facebook advertising at that.

So by using paid Facebook advertising and having the guidance of a coach you will be quickly into profits in the shortest amount of time.

The way you learn Facebook advertising is to get a coach and training to do it the right way, and if you understood what I wrote about mindset, you'll understand exactly what I mean.



So, the fastest way to build an online business is to follow these three key areas –

  1. Mindset – Get a coach, the proper training and leverage proven systems
  2. Brand yourself
  3.  Strategy – Learn Facebook advertising 

If you actually want to build an online business be proactive, and smart enough to follow these three key areas, then utilize the resources, coaching and training  available to you right now.

build an online business fast

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